Profiili – Martin Grištšuk
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Profiili – Martin Grištšuk

Viime kauden ÅIFK:n paidassa aloittanut Martin jatkaa myös seuraavalle kaudelle kanarialintujen parvessa.

Nimi | Name | Namn: Martin Grištšuk

Pelipaikka | Position: RB

Ikä | Ålder | Age: 27

Kasvattiseura | Moderklubb | Foster club: SK Reval Sport.

Aikaisemmat seurat | Tidigare klubbar | Earlier clubs: HC Dukla Praha, Põlva Serviti.

Pelaan käsipalloa koska | Jag spelar handboll för att | I play handball because: I like to play because handball has been with me side by side most of my life, and it gives me positive emotions.

Mottoni | Mitt motto | My motto:

If you want to succeed, you have to work hard.

Syön | Jag äter | I eat: Meat.

Katson | Ja ser på | I watch: Honestly, I have a lot of films that I really like, probably one of my favorites is Iron Man.

Kuuntelen | Jag lyssnar på | I listen to: I love different genres of music, my playlist usually consists of hundreds of different artists.

Tykkään | Jag gillar | I like: I like fishing, if I have free time I go fishing with my family. And also I like to play computer games. 😄

Rakastan | Jag älskar | I love: I love cooking, but only if I have time and mood for it.

Tahdon | Jag vill | I want to: I need to get in good physical shape so that I can fully enjoy playing handball.